What Makes a Culture a Culture?

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A collection of beliefs, values, and traditions that belong to a group of people and are passed from one generation to the next.


Beliefs are the ideas that people of a certain culture hold in regards to truth.  They lead to the formation of values and are the answers to what questions such as: "Where did we come from?"  "Who are we?" and "Where are we going?"  They describe what is.

For example, people who follow the Path of Dawn believe that Undavayne _____.

Realms of belief:
  • Faith
  • Religion


Values are the tenets that people form from beliefs and that help create traditions.  They dictate what should be.  Values involve morality, law, and rules that are followed by a culture.

For example, people who follow the Path of Dawn value _____.  Thus, their societal norms dictate that they should _____.

Realms of values:
  • Morality
  • Ethics
  • Laws
  • Rules


Built on beliefs and values, traditions are a culture's characteristic practices.  They are the outward expression of a culture's beliefs and values, and thus are what most people associate with culture.  Traditions include events, rituals, music styles, and customs.

For example, people who follow the Path of Dawn have _____.

Realms of tradition:
  • Events
  • Ceremonies
  • Rituals
  • Music
  • Customs
  • Food
  • Lore
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