The Great Game

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"Come ye down to the fields where they play
The fields of men, for the Great Game day
For B'oso Baléoc, the game 'round the sun,
Game of light, where lords, nobles run
So let us run, run round the sun,
Till one rises up on the Path of Ascension."

The Great Game (B'oso Baléoc)—more commonly known as the Game of Houses and the Game of Lords—is the social and political maneuvering employed by players in Fables of Gods & Kings to enhance their wealth, power and status within the game. While it is most prominent among the nobility, players at all levels of the social hierarchy can participate in it.

The Way of Nobles

The Way of Nobles describes the art of politics used by members of the nobility in Fables of Gods & Kings.  It is the path of the aspiring, those who seek power, fame, to change who they are—even Ascension. 

The Lords Gambit


The Blood Gambit


The Way of Being

"All men are made after a fashion, and thus are."


The Way of Becoming

"Yet all men possess the will to choose to become something new."


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