The First Age: Creation

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"It began as nothing, as all things begin, yet only to the perceiving eye—for, though one who would create had not yet come to be, all things existed and had always existed before him...even himself. All things must only be seen to be created.

He was without eyes, as were all things Before, but soon came the time of After to burnish his brow and unveil his sight. And he saw. In the twilight gloom, in the gloaming between Before and After, between coming and going, blindness and sight, dark and light—he saw only himself.

And so Undavayne discovered Undavayne and became himself, rising up to take his own form and walk the path of his own footsteps."

~The Oracle of Thorne

In the Beginning...

There was Undavayne and only him. He did not know it at first. It was not until eons passed that he became aware of himself and of existence.  With understanding came power, and so it was that Undavayne began to create the gods.*

And only Undavayne had the Sight, the Eyes to see what always was.  He saw gods, and Man, and Beast, and other creature-kinthe names of which we still do not know—having unveiled them with Dawn.  Out of the darkness came strange beasts, ancient monsters and wild things, birds of the air and fish of the sea, burrowing things and galloping things.

Undavayne traveled to the fields, and the grazing herdbeasts were created, for he saw them; he swam in the sea, and the great seabeasts emerged from its darkness.  His light unveiled the flight of the Mandalos, the blackwings and furies, the birds of song, and all other wingbeasts.  All forestkin he drew out of the umbrage of trees and called them wildlings.  They once were bathed in Dawn, but at the passing by of the Bringer of Life, Dusk fell on their shoulders, and they became creatures of night.  From every corner, shedding his light of Dawn, Undvayne brought forth life.

In the midst of Bo'Enna (the Great Night), there was naught but darkness and the gods, in the beginning of the Age of Discovery.  Undavayne traveled far through the abysmal reaches of unexplored obscurity, and whereupon he cast his gaze, Daybreak shattered the night before him.  Thus the first world was revealed—the ancient An'Léonna (First Dawn)—Undavayne looked upon it, and he saw; he said, in the voice of a star being born, "Léonna," and called it by name; and then he set his foot upon the land for the first time, and in traversing it, knew it.

All these things that Undavayne did marked the event that we followers of the Twilight Paths call Dawnbreak.  Dawn broke upon the land, and Undavayne's light spread to every corner of the world and beyond.

The Pantheon

"For every god there is a place in the lives of men."

Koranthe (KOR-anth)

King of gods and overseer of Ascension.  Undavayne, upon discovering him and seeing him as the leader that he already was—a greater leader than himself—named Koranthe as the leader of the pantheon.

Domains: leadership, music, war strategy

Undavayne (OON-da-vane)

God associated with creation.  God of life, the sun, dawn, and light.

Domains: philosophy, exploration, scholarship
Symbol: sun

Eathywn (eh-THEW-in)

Goddess whom Undavayne discovered through his creation and with whom he created the rest of the pantheon.

Domains: agriculture, fertility, protection from storms
Symbol: wheat sheaf

Maefelen (may-FELL-en)

Only child of the creators, a goddess of spring.

Domains: healing, hard work
Symbol: sprout

Paegora (pie-GOR-ah)

Goddess and champion who erupted from the mouth of a volcano.

Domains: conquest, contests, and competitions
Symbol: dual crossed swords

Furia (FYOO-ree-ah)

Sister of Paegora.  Emerged from the volcano fighting with her.

Domains: war, revenge
Symbol: wolverine head

Teilis (TAY-uh-lesh)

God of the sea, discovered when Undavayne created the sea.

Domains: seafaring, fishing, weather
Symbol: fish

Geilis (GAY-uh-lesh)

God of death, dusk, and secret love. Lover of Maefelen.  Undavayne meets him at the end of the creation of life, when Dusk begins to fall.

Domains: death, forests, and secrets.
Symbols: dark tree

Moravayn (MOR-a-vane) image-20200704173857-3.png

Brother of Undavayne.  God who emerged from Undavayne's shadow to invade the world his brother had created and cause disaster.  God of chaos.

Domains: mischief, destruction
Symbol: winged circle

Tílnallon (TEEL-nah-lohn)

God of legend and storytelling. Undavayne meets him while traveling the worlds. He teaches the first men to write the first legends of the gods, and then the history of the worlds.  Patron of storytelling, record-keeping, and prophecy.

Domains: bookkeeping, literacy, prophecy
Symbols: scroll

Voltar (vole-TAR) image-20200704172421-1.png

God of souls, discovered when Undavayne dies.  Guardian and keeper of the Atheneum.

Domains: rebirth, souls
Symbol: circumscribed flame

Juvenis (joo-VEN-iss)image-20200704174535-4.png

God discovered by Undavayne during Maefelen's first years.  God of youth, childhood, and remembrance.

Domains: childhood, innocence, memories
Symbol: white tulip

*To add: Creation of the gods

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