19. Faiths & Godhood

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Players can step into the role of deities and compete with other gods within the pantheon for power and influence. They can either begin their lives as a deity (only available to backers pre-launch) or ascend into godhood through gameplay by devoting themselves to a particular god, playing The Great Game within their respective faith organizations ... and getting a bit of luck along the way. But only one player can play the role of each deity at a time.

Responsibilities of the Deities

In Fables of Gods & Kings, player deities are responsible for recruiting followers to their faith. By increasing the ranks of believers and worshippers, they grow the power and influence of their religion within the world. As the power of a religion grows, the effects on the followers of that faith and the world around them also grows. Similarly as the power of a religion wanes, so too do the effects on the followers and the world. For example, if the power of Eathywn wanes, the yields from harvests will increasingly suffer, and if her power diminishes enough, it could eventually trigger famines across the world.

Player gods who are inactive for more than 1 week begin to see their power slowly decline. After 30 days of inactivity, the role is vacated and a new disciple is chosen to ascend into godhood by a conclave of the most dedicated followers (varies by deity).

Players may also elect to forswear their godhood and allow a new player to ascend in their place. This kind of managed transition would avoid power fluctuations within the game.

Rituals & Role-Playing

Every religion in Fables of Gods & Kings has rituals.


Fallen Deities

When deities in Fables of Gods & Kings no longer have any followers in the game, they become fallen gods. Once that happens, players lose their status as deities and immediately vacate their roles, returning from whence they came into their mortal coils. Religions of fallen gods are considered dead faiths and become relegated to the domain of myths. In this state, they are "inactive" religions within the game, the powers of their patron gods lying dormant.

But dead religions can still be restored. To bring a dead religion back to life in Fables of Gods & Kings requires a player to establish a church in the name of the patron god and recruit at least ten other followers (Q: too few? too many? any required rituals? also need to explain ascension).



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